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Transition to Retirement Income Stream (TTR)

You may be able to use a TTR Income Stream to access your super while you’re still working. Alternatively, if you are looking to scale back your working hours leading up to retirement, a TTR Income Stream could help you supplement your income.

Starting a TTR can:

  • Potentially reduce your tax bill while growing your super, by salary sacrificing more of your income into super. You can then draw an income, similar to your wage from your TTR account to supplement your wage,
  • Reduce your working hours without sacrificing your lifestyle since your salary may be supplemented by regular payments from your income stream, or
  • Continue working and use the additional income from your income stream however it suits you.

When you retire or reach the age of 65 a TTR income stream will automatically transfer to a Retirement Income Stream.


The investment earnings on the assets of the TTR Income Stream are taxed at 15%. However, you may be able to apply for a 15% tax offset on income payments. You’ll find more information in our PDS – Income Streams.

There are limits on how much you can and must withdraw from a TTR account. Currently, you can’t take out more than 10% of your account balance.

How to start a TTR Income stream account

To take advantage of a TTR Income stream, you don’t need to be an existing member of Prime Super, there is no work test and no maximum amount you need to rollover. You can commence your TTR Income Stream with as little as $10,000.

If you’re eligible and already have access to our secure MemberOnline site simply log in, go the Income Stream tab to complete your online application, scan and upload your certified ID documents and you’re done. It’s that easy!

If you prefer paper, complete the application form in the PDS – Income Streams and return it to us.

Transition to Retirement income streams can be complex and may have tax and other implications. There are also strict rules around accessing your super and operating an income stream account. For these reasons, we recommended you carefully review the PDS - Income Streams and consider obtaining independent financial advice before you make a decision about opening an income stream account.

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