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Behind each tab below you will find information to help you understand this option, including asset allocation, investment risks, investment style, fees, and return targets, and actual returns. You can select the Super Fund or Income Stream button below, to view the account information for either super or income stream accounts, depending on your stage of investing.

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Members who seek moderate to high returns over the medium to long-term and are prepared to accept some fluctuation in returns over the short-term

Investment Objective

To outperform the Consumer Price Index (CPI) (after tax and investment expenses) by at least 3% p.a. over the long-term

Time horizon

7 years or longer

Investment style

Invests in a diversified range of investments, a mixture of growth and defensive assets

Risk level

High likelihood of negative returns – four to less than six in 20 years

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Asset class Target asset allocation Range
Growth assets 70.8%    
Australian Shares 24.5% 5.0-40.0% View breakdown
Developed Markets 27.0% 5.0-35.0% View breakdown
Emerging Markets 6.0% 0.0-10.0% View breakdown
Private Equity 0.5% 0.0-12.5% View breakdown
Infrastructure 6.3% 0.0-25.0% View breakdown
Property 3.3% 0.0-25.0% View breakdown
Absolute Return Strategies 1.7% 0.0-10.0% View breakdown
Credit Opportunities 0% 0.0-22.5%  
Overseas - Fixed Interest 1.5% 0.0-25.0% View breakdown
Defensive assets 29.2%    
Infrastructure 6.2% 0.0-25.0% View breakdown
Property 3.2% 0.0-25.0% View breakdown
Australian - Fixed Interest 2.0% 0.0-15.0% View breakdown
Overseas - Fixed Interest 5.5% 0.0-25.0% View breakdown
Cash 6.5% 0.5-30.0% View breakdown
Credit Opportunities 4.0% 0.0-22.5% View breakdown
Alternatives 0% 0.0-10.0%  
Absolute Return Strategies 1.8% 0.0-10.0% View breakdown
Total 100%    

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*Asset allocation as of 31 December 2021 for the selected investment option.

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